How to Open a Closed Bank Rescue | Apply for a loan

One of the most advantageous banking products offered by Good Finance to its customers is the overdraft account called the Saving Account.

There is a definition of credit that consumers who have previously applied for a loan to open the account in question and whose application has been answered in this context can use it at any time without any application procedure.

Savings Account

It will be useful to briefly mention the privileges of Good Finance, which has successfully accomplished one of the best practices of overdraft applications, in terms of helping decision making before touching on what needs to be done to open or close the Savings Account.

  • Even if there is no money in the account, the automatic payment orders given earlier can be realized through the account that saves them, so that no invoice will be delayed,
  • Even if there is no money in the account, cash can be withdrawn from the ATM at any time and at any time, and the refunded amount can be made with a 12-month maturity,
  • It is possible to transfer the credit limit to the demand amount in the demand amount via internet banking or telephone banking, so that instead of withdrawing cash from the ATM, you can easily spend with the card directly linked to your credit deposit account,

How to Open a Saving Account?


It is possible for consumers who want to open a saving account to fulfill this request via SMS or Good Finance branches.

Application With Bank Branch

It is possible to apply for a saving account by going to the nearest Good Finance branch. The application will be concluded while the bank is still in the bank, and in case of a positive response, an instantly saving account will be opened.

How to Open a Closed Rescue Account Again?


Re-application should be made for the saving account that was closed. As mentioned above, SMS or bank branch service channels can be used.

How to Close a Saving Account?

The saving account is a product with a credit deposit account, and no charge is charged to the consumer for the existence of the relevant account when it is not used in this context. However, it is still possible for consumers who want to close their account to close their salvage account by visiting the nearest Good Finance branch or by using the Good Finance internet banking application.

Saving Account Limit

Good Finance requests an application for a limit of at least 200 USD in order to use the credit deposit product named Saving Account .

In this context, although the lower limit is set at 200 USD, there is no limit regarding the upper limit. Therefore, it is possible for the consumer to submit an application for the desired amount depending on the income status and credit rating.

However, it should not be forgotten that the interest rate of the Saving Account is 2.02% and therefore it will be more logical to apply for general purpose loan applications for high limit loan allocations.

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