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Moriyón urges the Principality to seek a solution for the Zalia before continuing to put more mone
The mayor of Gijón, Carmen Moriyón (Forum), has urged on Wednesday that the regional government seek a solution for the Zone of Logistics and Industrial Activities of Asturias (Zalia), considering that you can not continue putting money in a society that You do not know where you are going. “We have not been going anywhere for a long time,” he lamented before asking to reflect on Zalia.

This has been indicated, in statements to the media, after the act of homage to municipal employees who retire this year, regarding the Board of Directors of the Zalia held this past Tuesday, in which it has been necessary to request a new loan of 800,000 euros for the payment of two sentences of expropriations, for having paid a lower price than the courts considered appropriate.

Moriyón has alluded to the economic difficulties of the Zalia, to which has added the lack of access and the sentences of expropriations that are still to come. On these last two, has indicated that they will have to be executed in two months and require 800,000 euros, while in the Treasury is the same amount. For this, it is proposed to request a new loan via vi@ Green-Touch ヽ(x人x)ノ to cover 800,000 euros, although this time on the condition that no guarantee is required.

It has also affected that the shareholding percentage of the company does not correspond to the real contributions since the Principality contributes what the two port authorities of Avilés and Gijón and the City of Avilés do not pay. “Only the Municipality of Gijón is fulfilling its obligations”, he pointed out. Moriyón has predicted that tensions will be generated in the Treasury as long as a majority shareholder does not fulfill its obligations and that there is no income.

“I say that the obligations are to be fulfilled,” he remarked, to which he recalled that the City already in 2014 contributed 500,000 euros to adults. “Everything has to have a limit,” he said, to ask himself later how many feasibility plans are needed. The mayor has argued that the plots are not sold and access to the Zalia re-tender.

Moriyón, who has made it clear that his position does not obey any ideological position, has remarked that the lack of access is already known to condition the commercialization, while still waiting for a clear and clear decision on the resizing of the Zalia.

The mayor has stressed, together with this, that the City has needs that have to be resolved and the money contributed by the City Council for the indebtedness of Zalia and Gijón to the North weighs in the municipal budget.


About Gijón to the North, he has trusted that the Minister of Development, Iñigo de la Serna, convene the Board of Directors this coming January. In this sense, he pointed out that there is already a project, so now what is needed is a funding calendar. Regarding the latter, he indicated that everyone is convinced that in the short and medium term it will not be possible to finance the works with the sale of plots.

Having said that, he pointed out that if a work meeting of the City Council is planned with the minister, he will be delighted to sit down and talk about the problems of Gijón, which are several. Moriyón has also alluded to the meeting to be held by the Minister of Infrastructures, Belén Fernández, with the Minister of the Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, in which the issue of the purification plant in the East will be addressed.


On the part of the spokesman of XSP, Mario Suárez, has a bet to demand to the Principality a plan of the viability of the Zalia, when considering that the city could not be left without an area of industrial expansion. He has opined, in this case, that more important than putting or not more money is that there is a plan for the future.

The spokesman Aurelio Martin has considered the Zalia a “strategic” element, both for the industrial development and the port of El Musel, although he has acknowledged that sometimes they worry that it is a bottomless pit.

Has alluded, like the mayor, to the request made from Gijón to resize the Zalia, not correspond to the size of the current economic time. Martin has advanced, however, that IU will look at the objectives, talk with social agents and then define their position “from the temperance,” he said.


For its part, the spokesman for Citizens (C’s), José Carlos Fernández Sarasola, has also considered the Zalia a strategic project for Gijón and El Musel, although he has said that the City Council should not continue financing this project until it has a real Feasibility Plan in which, among other issues, a calendar is contemplated.

It has also seen a clear budgetary commitment on the part of the Principality of Asturias for the finalization of its accesses, and its redimensioning. In addition, it has indicated that the rest of the partners should be required to comply with their acquired obligations. “We must remember the excess of public industrial land that we have in the center of Asturias and that contrasts with a demand that has not just recovered,” he warned, before committing to concentrate efforts on finalizing their accesses and marketing their plots, in order to generate their own income.